Risk Advisory & Support Services

Risk Advisory & Support Services

Internal Audit

Every management needs to understand controls, review of the effectiveness of risk management & governance of their business. We assist the management by assessment of their operations and controls.

Assistance to IBC professionals

The Government have introduced an Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code where in when the IBC professional is appointed he takes over the affairs of the management, we assist IBC professional by undertaking all or any of the following activities –
– Assist in preparation of financial position.
– Assist in claim collection & verification.
– Assist in preparing the Information Memorandum.
– Assist in the valuation of Entity.
– Assist in restructuring.
– Assist in preparation of Bid Invitation, Running Bidding process & evaluation.

Assistance in Implementation of ERP

The Implementation of ERP system to an organisation is very critical and it requires financial and human resources. We assist the organisation in the smooth implementation of ERP and use it cost-effectively.

Assistance in Design of System & Processes

As the businesses / organisation grows there is a requirement of delegation of roles and responsibilities, there is a requirement of proper system and processes for growth. We assist our clients in designing the best System & Processes which are cost effective and provide necessity resources for implementation as per best industry practice.