Business & Transaction Advisory

Business & Transaction Advisory

Business Set-up

To start a new business it requires maximum time in setting up and running it smoothly. We as advisors, assist our clients to set up the business by taking various registrations required by the laws in force to commence the business, assist in developing Standard of Operating Practise for routine transactions.

Business Reorganisation / Restructuring Services

Organisation may undergo change which may be due to merger, acquisition, hive – off, etc. We assist our clients for carrying out the reorganisation / restricting activities.

IPO Support

Companies which require to raises capital from the Public need to comply with the SEBI requirement. We assist our clients & merchant bankers on financial reporting part merchant required for DRHP.

Due Diligence

Any purchase, sale, merger, demerger requires vetting of exposure of the business. We assist our clients and assess the exposure depending to whom we are servicing i.e. the buyer or the seller.


Various transactions requires valuation be it purchase/sale of shares for Investors, Income Tax Authorities, FEMA. We assist our client to carry out such valuations by using best and acceptable valuation techniques.


The real estate sector have been regulated by implementing (Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act. We advise our clients on the requirements of the Act and assist them with registrations & routine compliance as required by the Act.

Succession Planning for Family Owned Business

When the number of family members increases to join a family owned business which was run by small group or the family which has no successor for the family owned business, succession planning for the business become important. We assist our client in mapping out the succession plan for their business.

Family Settlement

Dispute in Family is dispute in business which can destroy the business for the benefit of none. We assist our clients by advising on their financial disputes.